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Convective quasi-equilibrium (QE) has for several decades stood as a key postulate for parametrization of the impacts of moist convection at small scales upon the large-scale flow. Departures from QE have motivated stochastic convective parametrization, which in its early stages may be viewed as a sensitivity study. Introducing plausible stochastic terms to(More)
Tropical land climate sensitivities to surface properties are studied using an intermediate complexity atmosphere model. The focus here is on land surface vegetation feedbacks to the atmosphere through surface conductance and albedo. Both properties are linked by a parameterization on leaf area index so that their relative impacts can be compared. For a(More)
Although the global vegetation distribution is largely controlled by the large-scale climate pattern, the observed vegetation–rainfall relationship is also influenced by vegetation feedback and climate variability. Using a simplified coupled atmosphere–vegetation model, this work focuses on the effects of these on the gradient of desert– forest transition.(More)
Properties of the transition to strong deep convection, as previously observed in satellite precipitation statistics, are analyzed using parcel stability computations and a convective plume velocity equation. A set of alternative entrainment assumptions yields very different characteristics of the deep convection onset boundary (here measured by conditional(More)
Paleoevidence indicates that generally wetter conditions existed in the Sahara during the mid-Holocene. Climate modeling studies addressing this issue generally agree that mid-Holocene values of the earth's orbital parameters favored an enhanced North African summer monsoon but also suggest that land surface and vegetation feedbacks must have been important(More)
Our objective in using column switching is primarily to achieve the desired separation in the minimum analysis time. Complimentary to this aim is the need for sample and column cleanup followed by column re-equilibration. Finally, all operations should be capable of automation. Fundamental to column switching methodology is the concept of Zone cutting,(More)
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