Katrina E. Falkner

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Flush+Reload is a cache side-channel attack that monitors access to data in shared pages. In this paper we demonstrate how to use the attack to extract private encryption keys from GnuPG. The high resolution and low noise of the Flush+Reload attack enables a spy program to recover over 98% of the bits of the private key in a single decryption or signing(More)
There is a call for change in the treatment of ICT curriculum in our schools driven by the relatively recent acknowledgement of the growing importance of ICT in industry and society, and the need to empower youth as producers, as well as consumers, of technology. ICT curriculum in previous incarnations tended to focus on ICT as a <i>tool</i>, with the(More)
Surveillance camera technologies have reached the point whereby networks of a thousand cameras are not uncommon. Systems for collecting and storing the video generated by such networks have been deployed operationally, and sophisticated methods have been developed for interrogating individual video streams. The principal contribution of this paper is a(More)
Computer Science majors must be able to communicate effectively. Industry surveys identify the development of communication and critical thinking skills as key to the reform of the higher education sector. However, academics are challenged by time and discipline content pressures, as well as a lack of familiarity with the teaching and assessment of(More)
Large-scale intelligent video surveillance requires an accurate estimate of the relationships between the fields of view of the cameras in the network. The exclusion approach is the only method currently capable of performing online estimation of camera overlap for networks of more than 100 cameras, and implementations have demonstrated the capability to(More)
Rapid technological advances in recent years have precipitated a general shift towards software distribution as a central computing paradigm. This has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in the dangers of security breaches, often causing security attributes to become an inhibiting factor for use and adoption. Despite the acknowledged importance of(More)
Interference between processes executing on shared hardware can be used to mount performance-degradation attacks. However, in most cases, such attacks offer little benefit for the adversary. In this paper, we demonstrate that software-based performance-degradation attacks can be used to amplify side-channel leaks, enabling the adversary to increase both the(More)
Collaborative learning encourages deeper learning, producing significant benefit in learning outcomes. There has been an increasing trend to adopt collaborative activities, due to the expected learning benefits but also because of the expected social benefits and their impact on transition concerns. However, collaborative activities may also introduce(More)
Automated video surveillance networks are a class of sensor networks with the potential to enhance the protection of facilities such as airports and power stations from a wide range of threats. However, current systems are limited to networks of tens of cameras, not the thousands required to protect major facilities. Realising thousand camera automated(More)