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HERV-K is a 50-copy, human endogenous, class 1 retroviral element that contains some polycistrons with gag, pol, and env open reading frames. Although expression of HERV-K proviruses has been shown in cultured human cell lines, expression of these elements has not been shown in human blood leukocytes. Using both reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain(More)
Estimations of RNA abundance in solid tissues by nuclease protection assays (1, 2) are difficult, because of problems attaining efficient RNA extraction and because of RNA instability during molecular hybridization or after denaturation of nuclease-treated, probe:target hybrids. A method to overcome these difficulties in the case of tissue cultured cells(More)
The evaluation of proteins using sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) analysis is a common technique used by biochemistry and molecular biology researchers. For laboratories that perform daily analyses of proteins, the cost of commercially available polyacrylamide gels (~$10/gel) can be considerable over time. To mitigate(More)
Using a new strategy, capture-RT-PCR, bcrabl fusion mRNA sequences were specifically and sensitively detected in samples of whole blood from leukemia patients with the Philadelphia chromosome. Sample processing required only mixing blood with the chaotropic salt, GuSCN, and mRNA was captured during a short incubation of prepared blood with an affinity(More)
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