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Abscisic acid conjugate concentrations increased in barley xylem sap under salinity, whereas it remained at a low level in the intercellular washing fluid (IWF) of barley primary leaves (Hordeum vulgare cv. Gerbel). Here it is shown that IWF contains beta-glucosidase activity which releases abscisic acid (ABA) from the physiologically inactive ABA-glucose(More)
The Xmrk oncogene involved in melanoma formation in the fish Xiphophorus was formed relatively recently by duplication of the epidermal growth factor co-orthologue egfrb. In the platyfish X. maculatus, Xmrk is located close to the major sex-determining locus in a subtelomeric region of the X and Y sex chromosomes that frequently undergoes duplications and(More)
Jule is the second complete long-terminal-repeat (LTR) Ty3/Gypsy retrotransposon identified to date in vertebrates. Jule, first isolated from the poeciliid fish Xiphophorus maculatus, is 4.8 kb in length, is flanked by two 202-bp LTRs, and encodes Gag (structural core protein) and Pol (protease, reverse transcriptase, RNase H, and integrase, in that order)(More)
Twenty-one patients with acute leukaemias were studied carrying out cytological investigations of the cerebrospinal fluid and then postmortem neuropathological examinations. The aim of the study was a comparison of these results. No correlation was demonstrated between CSF changes and the extent and location of leukaemic infiltrates in the meninges and the(More)
The treatment of highly of 43 patients with highly malignant non-Hodgkin lymphomas were analysed and assessed. These patients were treated at the Department of Hematology, Pomeranian Medical Academy within 1981-1990. The process was advanced in 76% of and localization of the tumour outside lymph nodes was also seen in 79%. The results of treatment with CHOP(More)