Katrin Unger

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The optical quality and photonic properties of all-polymer distributed Bragg reflectors are related to the morphology of the layers and the optical responses of the materials. We introduce the X-ray reflectivity method to determine the thickness, the interface- and surface-roughness of cellulose acetate and polystyrene layers which are two polymers often(More)
In this paper, we present a Design for Reuse technique suitable for Soft IP cores, implemented as algorithmic or RT synthesis model, that focuses on customizable IP interface implementations. By exploiting the features of VHDL+, an extension to VHDL, we separate the specifications of the IP functional behaviour and IP interface protocols into different(More)
A novel multiresponsive hydrogel has been synthesized by initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD). Hydrogels are known for their dynamic swelling response to aqueous environments. A chemical functionalization of the hydrogel surface was performed to add other stimuli-responsive functionalities and obtain a smart material that responds to two stimuli:(More)
The reuse process consists of several steps: • Design of reusable modules (Intellectual Properties, IPs): To ease the reuse of IPs design style guides should be considered already during this step. To check these style guides a code analyzer is needed. These analyzer should be adaptable to flow specific coding styles. The code analyzer will be used during(More)
A maximum excess volume ΔV/V ≈ 1.9 × 10(-3) in ultrafine-grained Fe prepared by high-pressure torsion is determined by measurements of the irreversible length change upon annealing employing a high-resolution differential dilatometer. Since dislocations and equilibrium-type grain boundaries cannot fully account for the observed released excess volume, the(More)
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