Katrin Seidenstuecker

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BACKGROUND The internal mammary artery and vein is often used as a site of anastomoses in microvascular breast reconstruction. This area supports lymphatic drainage of the breast and its role in breast cancer metastasis remains unclear. We hypothesize that sampling of internal mammary lymph nodes at the time of microvascular anastomoses preparation may(More)
BACKGROUND Bilateral breast reconstruction utilising autologous free tissue transfer is a complex procedure with multiple options for donor tissue available. Autogenous breast reconstruction techniques have evolved over the last three decades to meet this goal. The aim of this study was to determine the outcomes of patients undergoing bilateral breast(More)
BACKGROUND Currently about 70% of women who suffer from breast cancer undergo breast-conserving therapy (BCT) without removing the entire breast. Thus, this surgical approach is the standard therapy for primary breast cancer. If corrections are necessary, the breast surgeon is faced with irritated skin and higher risks of complications in wound healing.(More)
In 37 young volunteers analytically oriented interviews were taken and their effects being compared to those of conventional stressors using mental arithmetic. Because of their similarity to day-to-day stressors we expected higher cardiovascular reactions (blood pressure, heart rate and catecholamines) under interview situations than in mental arithmetic.(More)
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