Katrin Schultheiss

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Imaging of weak amplitude and phase objects, such as unstained vitrified biological samples, by conventional transmission electron microscopy (TEM) suffers from poor object contrast since the amplitude and phase of the scattered electron wave change only very little. In phase contrast light microscopy the imaging of weak phase objects is greatly enhanced by(More)
A method is described for the reconstruction of the amplitude and phase of the object exit wave function by phase-plate transmission electron microscopy. The proposed method can be considered as in-line holography and requires three images, taken with different phase shifts between undiffracted and diffracted electrons induced by a suitable phase-shifting(More)
Spin waves are the elementary excitations of the spin system in a magnetically ordered material state and magnons are their quasi particles. In the following article, we will discuss Brillouin light scattering (BLS) spectroscopy which is now a well-established tool for the characterization of spin waves. BLS is the inelastic scattering of light from spin(More)
A promising novel type of electrostatic phase plate for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is presented. The phase plate consists of a single microcoaxial cable-like rod with its electrode exposed to the undiffracted electrons. The emerging field is used to shift the phase of the undiffracted electrons with respect to diffracted electrons. The design(More)
In this theoretical study we analyze contrast transfer of weak-phase objects in a transmission electron microscope, which is equipped with an aberration corrector (C(s)-corrector) in the imaging lens system and a physical phase plate in the back focal plane of the objective lens. For a phase shift of pi/2 between scattered and unscattered electrons induced(More)
Transmission electron microscopy phase-contrast images taken by amorphous carbon film-based phase plates are affected by the scattering of electrons within the carbon film causing a modification of the image-wave function. Moreover, image artefacts are produced by non-centrosymmetric phase plate designs such as the Hilbert-phase plate. Various methods are(More)
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