Katrin Sattler

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We determined the necessary signal-to-noise threshold for 50% sentence discrimination in 130 patients with sensorineural hearing disorders with and without a hearing aid, as well as the minimum monosyllable discrimination loss without hearing aid. A significant correlation coefficient was found to exist of the signal-to-noise threshold with vs. that without(More)
A new bacterial strain is described belonging to Acetobacter methanolicus species. It is of industrial value as a producer of protein and methanol products. The strain is acidophile and this feature comprises a conspicuous technological advantage. The results of bacteriophage and cell interactions are reported. They might be potentially useful for(More)
The content of collagen in the amniotic and chorionic connective tissue was determined with the quantitative investigation method of hydroxyprolin. Significant differences do not exist between the amount of collagen in the amniotic and chorionic connective tissue. The difference in the tension stability must be based on the variegating pattern of the(More)
A method to assess the hearing improvement due to hearing aids is described. This method has been used routinely at a local hospital for 2 years on 200 patients. This method is based on the assessment of the speech reception threshold for sentences ("Marburger Satztest") in silence and in various noise levels (speech simulating noise). The following were(More)
From samples of different origin microorganisms were selected using the property of oleophily. All oleophilic isolates (30 strains are characterized in more detail) proved to be Gram-positive, nonsporogenic bacteria, obviously belonging to the group of coryneforms. They are growing on a broad spectrum of substrates, 11 strains are facultatively(More)
An accompanying flora of the production strains always develops in each unprotected continuous fermentation process. In the process of production of fodder biomass from gas oil the high specific growth rate provides sufficient selection advantages to the production strain Lodderomyces elongisporus "D" EH 15 against substrate competitors. The accompanying(More)
Poly-3-hydroxybutyric acid belongs to the biological polymers, which are produced by bacterials. The determination of the grain size, moisture content, flowability and the parameters for the direct compression was performed in regard of their use as auxillary substance for the preparation of solid sustained release dosage forms. The production of the matrix(More)