Katrin Rose

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As the bioavailability of flavonoids is influenced by intestinal metabolism, we have investigated the microbial deconjugation and degradation of several flavonols and flavonol glycosides using the pig cecum in vitro model system developed in our group. For this model system the microbiota was directly isolated from the cecal lumen of freshly slaughtered(More)
X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) at the sulfur ( approximately 2470 eV) and chlorine ( approximately 2822 eV) K-edges has been applied to a series of 4Fe-4S model complexes. These are compared to 2Fe-2S model complexes to obtain insight into the localized ground state in the mixed-valence dimer versus the delocalized ground state in the mixed-valence(More)
The penetration of s- and p(1/2)-electrons into the atomic nucleus leads to a variety of observable effects. The presence of s-electrons inside the nucleus gives rise to the isotope shift in atomic spectroscopy, and to the isomer shift in Mössbauer spectroscopy. Both well-known phenomena are manifestations of the more general monopole shift. In a recent(More)
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