Katrin Otte

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The perovskite SrTiO3-LaAlO3 structure has advanced to a model system to investigate the rich electronic phenomena arising at polar oxide interfaces. Using first principles calculations and transport measurements we demonstrate that an additional SrTiO3 capping layer prevents atomic reconstruction at the LaAlO3 surface and triggers the electronic(More)
In order to resolve taxonomic problems known from literature and diagnostic practices, Spio species currently recognised in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea have been re-examined. Spio species recorded in the area of interest are S. decoratus, Spio cf. filicornis, S. goniocephala, S. martinensis, and S. armata. Spio decoratus is restricted to the North Sea,(More)
A wealth of intriguing properties emerge in the seemingly simple system composed of the band insulators LaAlO(3) and SrTiO(3) such as a two-dimensional electron gas, superconductivity and magnetism. In this paper, we review the current insight obtained from first principles calculations on the mechanisms governing the behaviour of thin LaAlO(3) films on(More)
CuInSe(2) (CIS) solar cells deposited on polyimide foil by the Solarion company in a web-coater-based process using sputter and evaporation techniques were investigated in the ion beam laboratory LIPSION of the University of Leipzig by means of Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS) and particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE) using high-energy broad(More)
A II-VI wide-bandgap resonant cavity light-emitting diode is presented. The active region consists of CdSe quantum dots embedded in ZnSSe/MgS barriers, resulting in improved quantum efficiency at elevated temperatures. The resonant cavity is formed by a 14-period bottom distributed Bragg reflector and the semiconductor to air interface on top of the(More)
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