Katrin Lunze

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Development of an artificial pancreas which regulates blood glucose in a closed loop framework is the ultimate goal in the treatment of diabetes. Development of a model which captures the glucose-insulin dynamic is a mandatory step prior to the in vivo-test and validation of a feedback controller. Towards this end, the focus of this paper is on the(More)
Despite continuous research effort, patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D) experience difficulties in daily adjustments of their blood glucose concentrations. New technological developments in the form of implanted intravenous infusion pumps and continuous blood glucose sensors might alleviate obstacles for the automatic adjustment of blood glucose(More)
— Diabetes mellitus is a widespread metabolic disease , which currently requires manual treatment. Until now, no commercial closed-loop insulin therapy system has been presented yet due to many control restrictions. To reduce safety risks for the patients, adequate control methods should be tested in animal trials, prior to clinical studies, which can be(More)
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