Katrin Keppler

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Anthocyanins are suggested to be responsible for protective effects against cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer. Although previous studies have implicated that intact anthocyanidin glycosides were decreased extensively by interactions in the gastrointestinal tract, only few data are available concerning the metabolism by the intestinal(More)
The neurotransmitter noradrenaline is removed from the extracellular space by neuronal and extraneuronal transport mechanisms. In the past, further functional and biochemical characterisation of the corticosterone-sensitive extraneuronal transporter was hampered by the lack of highly potent inhibitors. Here we describe a new class of selective and highly(More)
Nisin is a bacteriocin with a broad antibacterial spectrum including strains of Listeria monocytogenes. Populations of L. monocytogenes, however, frequently contain spontaneous nisin-resistant mutants. When a culture of L. monocytogenes Scott A was exposed to nisin concentrations between 10 and 500 IU ml-1, the initial decrease in viable numbers was(More)
Several studies confirm a protection of cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer by dietary flavonoid intake. The bioavailability of flavonoids is influenced by the metabolism of the microflora in the intestine. Using a new in vitro model system the deglycosylation of the flavonol rutin and the degradation of its aglycone quercetin were(More)
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