Katrin Hübscher

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Precise spatiotemporal control of axon guidance factor expression is a prerequisite for formation of functional neuronal connections. Although Netrin/Dcc- and Robo/Slit-mediated attractive and repulsive guidance of commissural axons have been extensively studied, little is known about mechanisms controlling mediolateral positioning of longitudinal axons in(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to test the relevance of deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2 (DADA2) in patients with antibody deficiency and describe the clinical picture of the disease in adulthood. METHODS We screened for DADA2 in a cohort of 181 patients with antibody deficiency with or without vascular lesions using next-generation sequencing and targeted Sanger(More)
was recorded in the backcross progeny of 252 animals. Five polymorphic microsatellite markers were purchased from Research Genetics (MapPairs TM) and were designated by locus names as follows: D5MitlO, D5Mghl8, D5Mitll, D5Mghl7, and D5Mit7. The first four represent anonymous loci, whereas the last (D5Mit7) corresponds to the rat Slc2al gene. The marker(More)
BACKGROUND In contrast to adult-onset inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), where many genetic loci have been shown to be involved in complex disease etiology, early-onset IBD (eoIBD) and associated syndromes can sometimes present as monogenic conditions. As a result, the clinical phenotype and ideal disease management in these patients often differ from those(More)
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