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The proliferation of villous trophoblast in the human placenta was estimated throughout normal gestation and in term placentae from preeclamptic and smoking mothers by two different methods. These were: 1) labeling of DNA producing cells by bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) followed by immunohistochemistry using a monoclonal anti-BrdU antibody, and 2)(More)
BACKGROUND The capacity of cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) to induce angiogenesis is well established. In addition, dysplastic melanocytic nevi (DMN) have been reported to display prominent vascularity relative to common acquired nevi; but this observation has never been verified objectively. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN In the following studies, papillary(More)
Tumor vascularity has been proposed as a prognostic indicator for a number of solid tumors. Although a correlation between microvessel number and metastatic behavior has also been suggested for cutaneous melanoma, the small number of cases studied to date allows one to draw only preliminary conclusions. In this study, we have assessed tumor vascularity in(More)
Clear cell acanthoma is a rare, slow-growing benign epidermal tumour of adulthood. The prediction site of this usually solitary lesion is the distal part of the leg. Multiple clear cell acanthomas are very rare and are also found in other locations besides the typical site of predilection. In this paper we report on a 52-year-old man who--over a period of(More)
Das Klarzellakanthom ist ein seltener, langsam wachsender, gutartiger, epidermaler Tumor des Erwachsenenalters. Prädilektionsstelle des in der Regel solitär auftretenden Tumors ist der Unterschenkel. Multiple Klarzellakanthome sind sehr selten und finden sich dann auch außerhalb der typischen Prädilektionsstelle. Wir berichten über einen 52jährigen(More)
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