Katrin Dulitz

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Zeeman deceleration is an experimental technique in which inhomogeneous, time-dependent magnetic fields generated inside an array of solenoid coils are used to manipulate the velocity of a supersonic beam. A 12-stage Zeeman decelerator has been built and characterized using hydrogen atoms as a test system. The instrument has several original features(More)
Pulsed laser methods for OH generation and detection were used to study atmospheric degradation reactions for three important biogenic gases: OH + isoprene (R1); OH + -pinene (R2); and OH + -3-carene (R3). Gas-phase rate coefficients were characterised by non-Arrhenius kinetics for all three reactions. For (R1), k1(241-356 K) = (1.93  0.08)10 15(More)
Absolute (pulsed laser photolysis, 4-639 Torr N(2) or air, 240-357 K) and relative rate methods (50 and 760 Torr air, 296 K) were used to measure rate coefficients k(1) for the title reaction, OH + C(4)H(5)N → products (R1). Although the pressure and temperature dependent rate coefficient is adequately represented by a falloff parametrization, calculations(More)
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