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Meiotic crossovers are produced when programmed double-strand breaks (DSBs) are repaired by recombination from homologous chromosomes (homologues). In a wide variety of organisms, meiotic HORMA-domain proteins are required to direct DSB repair towards homologues. This inter-homologue bias is required for efficient homology search, homologue alignment, and(More)
Telomeres have crucial meiosis-specific roles in the orderly reduction of chromosome numbers and in ensuring the integrity of the genome during meiosis. One such role is the attachment of telomeres to trans-nuclear envelope protein complexes that connect telomeres to motor proteins in the cytoplasm. These trans-nuclear envelope connections between telomeres(More)
The alpha 2 and beta 2 adrenergic receptors, both of which are activated by epinephrine, but which can be differentiated by selective drugs, have opposite effects (inhibitory and stimulatory) on the adenylyl cyclase system. The two receptors are homologous with each other, rhodopsin, and other receptors coupled to guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins and(More)
The ponticulus posticus: Implications for screw insertion into the first cervical lateral mass. Background: The arcuate foramen is an important osseous anomaly of the first cervical vertebra (the atlas) that
Meiosis is a critical phase in the life cycle of sexually reproducing organisms. Chromosome numbers are halved during meiosis, which requires meiosis-specific modification of chromosome behaviour. Furthermore, suppression of transposons is particularly important during meiosis to allow the transmission of undamaged genomic information between generations.(More)
Sexual reproduction is crucially dependent on meiosis, a conserved, specialized cell division programme that is essential for the production of haploid gametes. Here we demonstrate that fertility and the implementation of the meiotic programme require a previously uncharacterized meiosis-specific protein, MEIOC. Meioc invalidation in mice induces early and(More)
  • W Hoenig, T Kumar, L Cohen, H Ma, H Xu, N Ayanian +15 others
  • 2016
Hardware Engineer / Logic designer – offload TCP protocol from software to hardware in communication chips 2013 Telic, California Data Analytics – used Machine Learning techniques (e.g., boosted decision-trees) to reason and predict customers behavior 2014 Social Intelligence, California Natural Language Processing and Prediction – used NLP tools (e.g.,(More)
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