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Democratic Accountability and National Parliaments: Redefining the Impact of Parliamentary Scrutiny in EU Affairs
The question of strengths and weaknesses of national parliaments in EU affairs, one of the most salient in the debate on the democratic legitimacy of the EU, is generally answered by assessing formal
To Scrutinise or Not to Scrutinise? Explaining Variation in EU-Related Activities in National Parliaments
There is an on-going debate in the literature as to whether national parliaments can and do play an active role in EU policy-making. The main reason for persistent disagreement is the lack of
Fighting Back? And, If So, How? Measuring Parliamentary Strength and Activity in EU Affairs
In recent decades, national parliaments — formerly the ‘poor losers’ of European integration — have learned ‘to fight back’ and obtained greater participation rights in domestic European
Debating the State of the Union? Comparing Parliamentary Debates on EU Issues in Finland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom
Over the last 20 years, the role of national parliaments in European Union (EU) affairs has gained considerable academic attention. Much of the literature has focused on the parliamentary control
Parliaments in the Euro Crisis: Can the Losers of Integration Still Fight Back?
type="short"> This symposium item belongs to a section headed: SYMPOSIUM: CONVENTIONAL WISDOMS UNDER CHALLENGE – REVIEWING THE EU’S DEMOCRATIC DEFICIT IN TIMES OF CRISIS, which also includes
Introduction: Connecting with the Electorate? Parliamentary Communication in EU Affairs
National parliaments have often been described as latecomers to European integration, but there is little doubt that they have developed the institutional means to become more involved over the last
After Lisbon: National Parliaments in the European Union
The role of national parliaments in EU matters has become an important subject in the debate over the democratic legitimacy of European Union decision-making. Strengthening parliamentary scrutiny and
The politics of adaptation: The Europeanisation of national parliamentary systems
Parliamentary systems can be characterised by particular patterns of interaction between the executive, the majority parties and the opposition parties in parliament. The basic argument outlined in
National Parliaments and the Eurozone Crisis: Taking Ownership in Difficult Times?
The eurozone crisis suggests a significant reinforcement of executive dominance in EU policy-making. Opaque emergency decisions taken at European summits as well as treaties established outside of
Still No Exit from the Joint Decision Trap: The German Federal Reform(s)
One of the central projects on the Grand Coalition's agenda 2005 was a reform of the German federal system. And while an earlier Reform Commission had failed, the Grand Coalition was indeed more