Katriina Viitasalo

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Our aim was to validate a 16-item food intake questionnaire (16-FIQ) and create an easy to use method to estimate patients' nutrient intake in primary health care. Participants (52 men, 25 women) completed a 7-day food record and a 16-FIQ. Food and nutrient intakes were calculated and compared using Spearman correlation. Further, nutrient intakes were(More)
Job-related exhaustion is the core dimension of burnout, a work-related stress syndrome that has several negative health consequences. In this study, we explored the molecular genetic background of job-related exhaustion. A genome-wide analysis of job-related exhaustion was performed in the GENMETS subcohort (n = 1256) of the Finnish population-based Health(More)
dissertationes scholae doctoralis ad sanitatem investigandam universitatis helsinkiensis To be presented for public examination with the permission of the Faculty of We animals are the most complicated and perfectly-designed pieces of machinery in the known universe. It is hard to see why anyone studies anything else. exposure to silica coated TiO 2(More)
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