Katrien Vanderperren

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OBJECTIVES To investigate whether in navicular bones (NB) from warmbloods, distal border fragmentation is associated with the shape of the proximal articular border or other radiological findings. METHODS Radiographs of the front feet of 325 normal, subadult horses presented for admission as breeding stallions were reviewed. RESULTS The proximal(More)
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound is a valuable and safe technique for the evaluation of organ perfusion. Repeated injections of ultrasound contrast agent are often administered during the same imaging session. However, it remains unclear if quantitative differences are present between the consecutive microbubble injections. Therefore, the first and second(More)
PRACTICAL RELEVANCE Ultrasonography is an important tool for the detection of kidney disorders, which are among the most common health problems suffered by cats. It is more accurate than radiography for this purpose and is considered to be the reference modality for imaging the feline kidney, providing excellent visualisation of renal size, shape and(More)
The immunological, anti-angiogenic and clinical effects of metronomic cyclophosphamide and 3 consecutive intratumoral interleukin (IL)-12 gene therapy (electrogene therapy (EGT)) treatments were evaluated in 6 dogs with spontaneous cancer. In all dogs, a decrease in peripheral leukocytes 2 days after IL-12 EGT coincided with erythema and swelling of the(More)
The morphological features of the distal border synovial invaginations (SI) of the distal sesamoid bone (DSB) in horses were described by the use of computed tomography (CT). Transverse CT images were obtained on 50 cadaver forefeet from 25 Warmblood horses. Dorsal and sagittal planes were reformatted. The CT images allowed the evaluation of the number,(More)
Contrast-enhanced ultrasonography of the left kidney was performed using a commercial contrast agent in six healthy adult purpose-bred cats. A cross-over design was used to compare three protocols: (1) awake, (2) butorphanol (0.4 mg/kg IM), and (3) propofol (3.5-7.7 mg/kg IV boluses to effect). Time-intensity curves were created from two regions-of-interest(More)
Microbubbles have shown potential as intralymphatic ultrasound contrast agents while nanoparticle-loaded microbubbles are increasingly investigated for ultrasound-triggered drug and gene delivery. To explore whether mRNA-nanoparticle loaded microbubbles could serve as theranostics for detection of and mRNA transfer to the lymph nodes, we investigate the(More)
Local extravasation and triggered drug delivery by use of ultrasound and microbubbles is a promising strategy to target drugs to their sites of action. In the past we have developed drug loaded microbubbles by coupling drug containing liposomes to the surface of microbubbles. Until now the advantages of this drug loading strategy have only been demonstrated(More)
The equine fetlock is the joint most commonly associated with lameness. Although the fetlock is regarded as a simple joint, diagnosis of a fetlock disorder can be a challenge and various imaging modalities are routinely used to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. This review describes the principal disorders affecting the soft tissues of the fetlock region and(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide a detailed computed tomography (CT) reference of the anatomically normal equine stifle joint. Sample-16 hind limbs from 8 equine cadavers; no horses had evidence of orthopedic disease of the stifle joints. PROCEDURES CT of the stifle joint was performed on 8 hind limbs. In all limbs, CT was also performed after intra-articular(More)