Katrien Jacobs

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Automatic high-dynamic range image generation from low- dynamic range images offers a solution to conventional methods, which require a static scene. The method consists of two modules: a camera-alignment module and a movement detector, which removes the ghosting effects in the HDRI created by moving objects.
A mixed reality (MR) represents an environment composed both by real and virtual objects. MR applications are more and more used, for instance in surgery, architecture, cultural heritage, entertainment, etc. For some of these it is important to merge the real and virtual elements using consistent illumination. In this paper, we propose a classification of(More)
Figure 1: (a) The 5 LDRI segments show HCM (walking people) and the resulting HDRI (large image) shows an undesirable duplication of the human shapes (inset). (b) HDRI generation using the presented method, HCM is removed using a variance image, VI. (c) HDRI of a dynamic scene (larger image) with LCM (leaves). (d) HDRI after LCM removal using an uncertainty(More)
In the context of mixed reality, it is difficult to simulate shadow interaction between real and virtual objects when only an approximate geometry of the real scene and the light source is known. In this paper, we present a realtime rendering solution to simulate colour-consistent virtual shadows in a real scene. The rendering consists of a three-step(More)
Relighting algorithms make it possible to take a model of a real-world scene and virtually modify its lighting. Unlike other methods that require controlled conditions, we introduce a new radiance capture method that allows the user to capture parts of the scene under different lighting conditions. A novel calibration method is presented that finds the(More)
This paper investigates web users, their sexual behaviours and self-representations as observed on a sex and dating site. The website concerned is a massive social network for sexual self-display and encourages members to find real-life partners for sex--whether this be casual sex affairs between singles, swinging couples or extra-marital affairs between(More)
Illumination for mixed reality consists of simulating the illumination of 3D scenes composed with real and virtual 3D objects. Current research into illumination methods for mixed reality focuses on im­ proving the quality of the simulated illumination, while assuming that the required input data, the scene geometry and radiance, can be accurately acquired.(More)
CARLO BOUTrON, I MARTTI KAURANEN, 1 ANDRI~ PERSOONS, 1 MICHAEL P. KEUNG, 2 KATRIEN Y. JACOBS 2 AND ROBERT m. SCHOONHEYDT 2 1 Laboratory of Chemical and Biological Dynamics and Center for Research on Molecular Electronics and Photonics, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, B-3001 Heverlee, Belgium z Center for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Department of(More)
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