Katri Oinonen

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The Virtual Storyteller is a Multi Agent System (MAS) that can generate stories by simulating a virtual world in which Character Agents pursue their goals. The claim is made that the story emerges from the events in the virtual world. The goal of this project has been to make the stories more interesting. This thesis describes how to extend the Virtual(More)
In this document I present a model of a virtual world which consists of<lb>two components: A specification of actions and an object ontology which<lb>enables the execution of these actions. This model (i) is completely for-<lb>malised in logic, facilitating reasoning in general, (ii) gives elegant solutions<lb>to problems commonly encountered in dealing(More)
In this paper we propose a model for the representation of stories in a story database. The use of such a database will enable computational story generation systems to learn from previous stories and associated user feedback, in order to create believable stories with dramatic plots that invoke an emotional response from users. Some of the distinguishing(More)
In this paper we describe our efforts to increase the entertainment value of the stories generated by our story generation system, the Virtual Storyteller, at the levels of plot creation, discourse generation and spoken language presentation. We also discuss the construction of a story database that will enable our system to learn from previous stories and(More)
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