Katri Mäkeläinen

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The ratio between proteins P27 and replicase of Cocksfoot mottle virus (CfMV) is regulated via a -1 programmed ribosomal frameshift (-1 PRF). A minimal frameshift signal with a slippery U UUA AAC heptamer and a downstream stem-loop structure was inserted into a dual reporter vector and directed -1 PRF with an efficiency of 14.4 +/- 1.9% in yeast and 2.4 +/-(More)
Comparison of the translational properties of Cocksfoot mottle virus 5'leader sequence with known translational enhancers from other plant viruses. (Manuscript) II Mäkeläinen K., and Mäkinen K. Testing of internal initiation via dicistronic constructs is complicated by production of extraneous transcripts. (Submitted) of VPg and the polyprotein processing(More)
Cover picture: Actin fi lament bundles stained with phalloidin in a sprouting bristle from a twinfi lin mutant pupa. This thesis is based on the following original publications, which are referred to in the text by their Roman numerals, and on unpublished data presented in the text.
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