Katlin A Landers

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The purpose of this study was to objectively compare the difficulty and determine the contribution of strength and muscle mass to the performance of physical tasks of daily living in a group of younger and older women. A cross-sectional design was used. Volunteer participants were from the community of Birmingham, AL; there were 21 older (aged 60-75 years)(More)
Significant functional impairment of the hand is common among stroke survivors and restoration of hand function should be prioritized during post-stroke rehabilitation. The goal of this study was to develop a novel biomimetic device to assist patients in producing complex hand movements with a limited number of actuators. The Biomimetic Hand Exoskeleton(More)
In the human upper extremity (UE), unintended effects of proximal muscle activation on muscles controlling the hand could be an important aspect of motor control due to the necessary coordination of distal and proximal segments during functional activities. This study aimed to elucidate the effects of concurrent activation of elbow muscles on the(More)
Significant functional impairment of the hand is commonly observed among stroke survivors. In order to restore the functional use of the affected hand, we developed a biomimetic device that assists in generating functional movements of the hand. The device is actuated by exotendons that replicate the kinetic functional of the hand muscle-tendons, therefore(More)
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