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Visualization of 2D point clouds is one of the most basic yet one of the most important problems in many visual data analysis tasks. Point clouds arise in many contexts including scatter plot analysis, or the visualization of high-dimensional or geo-spatial data. Typical analysis tasks in point cloud data include assessing the overall structure and(More)
Double-strand breaks (dsbs) have been produced in plasmid DNA by various restriction endonucleases and the survival and the deletion mutation incidence have been measured in E. coli. The deletion formation is known to depend upon the occurrence of short direct repeats within the DNA molecule. In order to study the role of these repeats we constructed(More)
The survival of E. coli K12 strain AB1157 and the isogenic repair-deficient mutant E. coli AB2480 (recA13, uvrA6) was measured after gamma-irradiation in the presence of various alcohols as well as after incubation and subsequent removal of the alcohols before irradiation. Irradiation in the presence of alcohols leads to the already known protection effect,(More)
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