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AutoTutor is a fully automated computer tutor that assists students in learning about hardware, operating systems, and the Internet in an introductory computer literacy course. AutoTutor presents questions and problems from a curriculum script, attempts to comprehend learner contributions that are entered by keyboard, formulates dialog moves that are(More)
AutoTutor is a computer tutor that simulates the discourse patterns and pedagogical strategies of a typical human tutor. AutoTutor is designed to assist college students in learning the fundamentals of hardware, operating systems, and the Internet in an introductory computer literacy course. Most tutors in school systems are not highly trained in tutoring(More)
Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS's) have a rich history of helping students in certain scientific domains, like geometry , chemistry, and programming. These domains are ideal for ITS's, because they can be easily represented and because the type of interaction between the student and the tutor can be limited to entering a few simple numbers, symbols, or(More)
Concept properties are an integral part of theories of conceptual representation and processing. To date, little is known about conceptual properties of abstract concepts, such as idea. This experiment systematically compared the content of 18 abstract and 18 concrete concepts, using a feature generation task. Thirty-one participants listed characteristics(More)
This paper describes and evaluates a detector of presuppositions (DP) for survey questions. Incorrect presuppositions can make it difficult to answer a question correctly. Since they can be difficult to detect, DP is a useful tool for questionnaire designer. DP performs well using local characteristics of presuppositions. It reports the presupposition to(More)
ARIES (Acquiring Research Investigative and Evaluative Skills) is a computerized educational game in which players attempt to stop extraterrestrials from implicitly stunting scientific progress on Earth by publishing bad research in a variety of fields. Players progress through three modules: 1) read and be tested on an on-line science text, 2) evaluate(More)
Consider the assignment that teachers have been giving their students for years: " Write an expository essay on a scientific topic. Example topics may include global warming, human memory, or the spread of infectious diseases. You must have at least three references. " The instructor makes it clear that the paper should have a thesis or claim that is(More)
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