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Extended abstract for the article " A quantum advantage for inferring causal structure " , Nature Physics (2015) [9]. Causal explanations are a singularly useful way of organizing one's knowledge about the world. This has long been recognized by philosophers and, in recent decades, motivated the development of a rigorous mathematical framework, which proved(More)
Understanding the causal influences that hold among parts of a system is critical both to explaining that system's natural behaviour and to controlling it through targeted interventions. In a quantum world, understanding causal relations is equally important, but the set of possibilities is far richer. The two basic ways in which a pair of time-ordered(More)
The problem of using observed correlations to infer causal relations is relevant to a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Yet given correlations between just two classical variables, it is impossible to determine whether they arose from a causal influence of one on the other or a common cause influencing both, unless one can implement a randomized(More)
The framework of causal models is ideally suited to formalizing certain conceptual problems in quantum theory , and conversely, a variety of tools developed by physicists studying the foundations of quantum theory have applications for causal inference. This talk reviews some of the connections between the two fields. In particular , it is shown that(More)
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