Katja Pfeifer

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Systems for spatial and temporal control of gene expression are essential for developmental studies and are of particular importance for research in adult model organisms. We present two modified dually inducible TetON systems for tissue-specific conditional control of gene expression in zebrafish based on (i) a tetracycline inducible transcriptional(More)
This study is part of the research undertaken in the EU funded project CLYMBOL ("Role of health-related CLaims and sYMBOLs in consumer behaviour"). The first phase of this project consisted of mapping the prevalence of symbolic and non-symbolic nutrition and health-related claims (NHC) on foods and non-alcoholic beverages in five European countries.(More)
Huge amounts of textual information relevant for market analysis, trending or product monitoring can be found on the Web. To exploit that knowledge a number of extraction services were proposed that extract and categorize entities from given text. Prior work showed that a combination of individual extractors can increase quality. However, so far no system(More)
RECQL is a DNA helicase required for genomic stability. Two studies have recently identified RECQL as a novel breast cancer susceptibility gene. The most common RECQL mutation, the 4 bp-deletion c.1667_1667+3delAGTA, was five-fold enriched in Polish breast cancer patients, but the exact magnitude of the risk is uncertain. We investigated two hospital-based(More)
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