Katja Mäenpää

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Human craniofacial stem cells are recently discovered sources of putative mesenchymal stem cells that hold great promise for autogenic or allogenic cell therapy and tissue engineering. Prior to employing these cells in clinical applications, they must be thoroughly investigated and characterized. In this study, the surface marker expression was investigated(More)
Imprinted genes are expressed from a single allele due to differential methylation of maternal or paternal alleles during gametogenesis. Dnmt3L (DNA cytosine-5-methyltransferase 3 like), a member of de novo methyltransferase Dnmt3 protein family, is a regulator of maternal imprinting. In the present study, we have characterized the promoter region of the(More)
The placental transfer and pharmacokinetics of atropine were studied in 44 healthy parturients undergoing caesarean section. The concentrations in the plasma were determined by a new radioimmunoassay after intravenous (n=32) or after intramuscular (n=12) administration of 0.01 mg/kg of atropine. A fast placental transfer with apparent foetal uptake of the(More)
There is currently no suitable replacement for damaged temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discs after discectomy. In the present study, we fabricated bilayer biodegradable polylactide (PLA) discs comprising a non-woven mat of poly(L/D)lactide (P(L/D)LA) 96/4 and a P(L/DL)LA 70/30 membrane plate. The PLA disc was examined in combination with adipose stem cells(More)
The concentrations of lorazepam and its conjugate were determined in maternal venous serum, in umbilical vein and artery serum, and in amniotic fluid after a single 2 mg intramuscular and 2.5 mg oral maternal administration. During normal delivery (2 mg intramuscular injection) and caesarean section (2.5 mg orally) both the unconjugated and conjugated forms(More)
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