Katja Leiviskä

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It is well known that girls are not interested in computer science, information systems (IS), and software engineering studies. While the underlying reasons for this phenomenon have been studied in the US, Canada, and Australia, only a few studies have been carried out in Europe and in Scandinavia. To fill this gap in the research, we have analyzed the(More)
abstraCt This article studies physicians' mobile user experiences with evidence-based medical guidelines and drug information databases through the concept of webflow. Data was collected among the 352 users of a mobile medical application. The response rate was 66.5% (n=234). The results demonstrate that rather than usefulness and ease of use it is the(More)
IT students dropping out is a key problem in academic institutions worldwide. Previous research on student dropout has advanced many factor or variance models explaining or predicting why university student drop out. Although these studies increased our understanding of the reasons students drop out of computer science courses, university studies, and(More)
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