Katja Huettner

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BACKGROUND DCs for use in immunotherapy are frequently generated from peripheral blood monocytes. However, there are different approaches to monocyte enrichment. METHOD Plastic adherence is a widely used method for the enrichment of monocytes collected in a leukapheresis procedure. Alternatively,monocytes may be enriched by positive selection using(More)
T cells that produce both IL-17 and IFN-γ, and co-express ROR-γt and T-bet, are often found at sites of autoimmune inflammation. However, it is unknown whether this co-expression of T-bet with ROR-γt is a prerequisite for immunopathology. We show here that T-bet is not required for the development of Th17-driven experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis(More)
schweren Transfusionszwisehenf~llen und tbdlicher Urgmie ffihren, wie Co~co~A~ und P A ~ im Tierexperiment gezeigt haben. Ein Ersatz des ins 0dem abwandernden oder dutch die Nieren ausgeschiedenen Albumins is~ jedoch dringend notwendig. Er wird zweckmgl~ig dutch Zufuhr van Serum oder Plasma, am besten van reinem Albumin, erfolgen. Dabei ist zu beaehten, dag(More)
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