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This paper describes a new large-scale motion capture based game that is called Squidball. It was tested on up to 4000 player audiences last summer at SIGGRAPH 2004. It required to build the world's largest motion capture space, the largest motion capture markers (balls), and many other challenges in technology, production, game play, and social studies.(More)
This thesis offers an alternative to the stationary, hand-centric experience that most existing video games provide. It proposes a scenario in which the player can affect action in the game by using his or her entire body, free of wires and controllers. Through the use of computer vision technology, this thesis attempts to develop an interactive vocabulary(More)
This interactive session presents early research findings resulting from a game simulation currently called Gamestar Mechanic through which 70 middle and high school-age players learn to design video games. Gamestar Mechanic is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) style online game through which players " take on " the behaviors characteristic of professional game(More)
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