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Thirty patients, thought clinically to have ovarian tumours, were studied prospectively by pre-operative computed tomographic (CT) scans of the abdomen and pelvis. In six patients (20%) small metastases in mesentery, omentum and on subdiaphragmatic peritoneum were not detected by the scans. CT did not improve the accuracy of staging or assist the surgeons(More)
A randomised phase III trial was conducted to assess the role of interferon-alpha (INFalpha) 2a as maintenance therapy following surgery and/or chemotherapy in patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma. Patients were randomised following initial surgery/chemotherapy to interferon-alpha 2a as 4.5 mega-units subcutaneously 3 days per week or to no further(More)
Should a woman with a mildly dyskaryotic cervical smear be referred for colposcopy or should the smear be repeated? One way to answer this question is to use decision analysis and compare the expected mortality and cost of each policy. Data for each component of the question were obtained from published work worldwide and were supplemented with an audit of(More)
The smear histories of 312 women with cancer of the cervix have been determined. Eighty nine women had had at least one negative smear reported in the 10 years before a diagnosis of cancer and 14 had had more than one negative smear. Fifty six of the 89 women had had a negative smear in the three years preceding the diagnosis of cancer. The highest number(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the method and results of treatment of carcinoma of the cervix in women less than 40 years old. DESIGN Retrospective review of all available case records. SETTING Yorkshire Regional Health Authority. SUBJECTS 428 women less than 40 years old treated for stage IB-IV carcinoma of the cervix between 1975 and 1984 inclusive. MAIN(More)
A retrospective study using data from the Yorkshire Cancer Registry was undertaken to investigate the incidence, characteristics and prognosis of cases of cervical adenocarcinoma in the Yorkshire Region. Three hundred and twenty-six women resident in the Yorkshire Region formed the basis of the study. The overall five year survival for adenocarcinoma of the(More)
The technique of imprint cytology has been described for the assessment of malignancy and correlates well with histology. Despite the simplicity, speed and excellent cellular detail the technique has still not been fully appreciated. We describe the value of the technique applied to intra-operative diagnosis of lymph node metastases in gynaecological(More)
Two hundred and twenty-four patients with invasive carcinoma of the cervix treated by radical surgery have been studied retrospectively to determine the impact of pre-operative intracavitary radiotherapy. Pre-operative radiotherapy made no difference to survival, the incidence of local recurrence, distant metastasis or complications.