Katie M McDermott

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While symptoms of deficient emotional self-regulation (DESR) such as low frustration tolerance, temper outbursts, emotional impulsivity, and mood lability are commonly associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), little is known about their nature. The main aim of this post hoc study was to examine the correlates of DESR in a large(More)
We examine the effects of firm-level transparency on the variability and covariability of liquidity across a wide range of countries, with a particular focus on crisis periods. We find that firms with greater transparency, as measured by quality of accounting standards, quality of auditor, level of earnings management, analyst following and analyst forecast(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have identified subthreshold forms of bipolar (BP)-I disorder and deficits in emotional regulation as risk factors for bipolar disorder in youth. The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether emotional dysregulation and subthreshold forms of BP-I disorder increase the risk for BP switches in ADHD youth with non-bipolar(More)
This study examines whether an unexpected shock to the risk of class-action lawsuits filed under securities laws affects the level of discretionary revenues, the market reaction to unexpected revenues, and the likelihood of restatements. I identify a court decision that reduced the risk of shareholder litigation for firms headquartered within a single(More)
SANGWAN KIM: Accounting Quality, Corporate Acquisition, and Financing Decisions (Under the direction of Jeffery S. Abarbanell) This paper examines the extent to which the quality of financial accounting information disciplines manager interests to align with stockholder interests in corporate acquisition and financing decisions. I find that, after(More)
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