Katie M. Lowe

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Classroom context and school engagement are significant predictors of academic achievement. These factors are especially important for academically at-risk students. Grounded in an ecological systems perspective, this study examined links between classroom context, school engagement, and academic achievement among early adolescents. We took a(More)
Guided by the integrative model of parenting, the present study investigated the relationship between parental monitoring and racial/ethnic minority adolescents' school engagement and academic motivation as a function of parental warmth, and explored whether these associations varied for boys and girls. Participants (60 % female) were 208 sixth through(More)
Biases associated with volunteering for studies in human sexuality were studied. Beginning with a sample of over 1000 introductory psychology students, subjects participated in a two-phase study in which those willing and unwilling to volunteer for a variety of sexuality studies were compared. In both phases of this study, volunteers were significantly(More)
This study examined the independent and interactive effects of sexual explicitness and degrading themes toward women on mens' attitudes following exposure to video presentations of male-female interactions. Subjects were 83 male college students who viewed video vignettes under one of four stimulus conditions: (a) sexually explicit/degrading, (b) sexually(More)
Abstracts accepted at scientific meetings are often not subsequently published. Data on publication rates are largely from subspecialty and surgical studies. The aims of this study were to 1) determine publication rates of abstracts presented at a general internal medicine meeting; 2) describe research activity among academic general internists; 3) identify(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine which objective pressure-impedance measures of pharyngeal swallowing function correlated with clinically assessed severity of oropharyngeal dysphagia (OPD) symptoms. STUDY DESIGN Forty-five children with OPD and 34 control children without OPD were recruited and up to 5 liquid bolus swallows were recorded with a solid-state(More)
Unmet needs for services, such as housing and psychiatric treatment, are relatively common among HIV-infected individuals; however, the effects of different types of unmet needs on health-care outcomes are not well understood. This study describes unmet psychosocial needs and their relationship with health-care outcomes among individuals receiving HIV care(More)
This study explored trajectories of African American youths' academic functioning and assessed whether changes in parent-adolescent relationships were associated with changes in youths' academic functioning. The data were drawn from a three-year longitudinal study of gender socialization and development in two-parent African American families and included(More)
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