Katie L Darner

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A study was conducted to evaluate the radiation transmission through lead equivalent aprons that are used in a radiology department. A large area beam (poor geometry) was employed for the transmission measurements, and backscatter was simulated by placing 7" of Lucite behind each apron. Separate ionization chambers were used to measure the incident and(More)
We are developing virtual three-dimensional (3-D) cursors for measuring depths in digital stereomammograms. We performed a study to investigate the effects of stereo shift angle, geometric magnification, and display zoom on the accuracy of depth measurements made with a virtual 3-D cursor. A phantom containing 50 low contrast fibrils at depths ranging from(More)
We are evaluating the application of stereoscopic imaging to digital mammography. In the current study, we investigated the effects of magnification and zooming on depth perception. A modular phantom was designed which contained six layers of 1-mm-thick Lexan plates, each spaced 1 mm apart. Eight to nine small, thin nylon fibrils were pasted on each plate(More)
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