Katie Johnson

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In this article, we present a mathematical model coupled to an experimental study of ant foraging trails. Our laboratory experiments on Tetramorium caespitum do not find a strong relationship between ant densities and velocities, a common assumption in traffic modeling. Rather, we find that higher order effects play a major role in observed behavior, and(More)
summit consisted of more than 250 participants from diverse fields, including state and federal government, policymakers, health care, law, and emergency management. The purpose of this first national summit, much like the mission of JLME, was to bring these participants together to assess the current state of public health legal preparedness and to discuss(More)
Affinity reagents, such as antibodies, are needed to study protein expression patterns, sub-cellular localization, and post-translational modifications in complex mixtures and tissues. Phage Emulsion, Secretion, and Capture (ESCape) is a novel micro-emulsion technology that utilizes water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions for the identification and isolation of cells(More)
The ultimate objective of our research is to gain a better understanding of man's mental capacities by studying the ways in which these capacities manifest themselves in language. Language is a particularly promising avenue because, on the one hand, it is an intellectual achievement that is accessible to all normal humans and, on the other hand, we have(More)
Located at the interface between estuaries and surrounding uplands, tidal marshes are in position to receive and transform material from both adjacent systems. Of particular importance in eutrophic estuarine systems, tidal marshes permanently remove nutrients via two mechanisms-denitrification and long-term burial. Denitrification was measured (monthly) in(More)
Walton, N., et al. (2006) Derivation and large-scale expansion of multipotent astroglial neural progenitors from adult human brain. Development. 133: 3671-3681. Maatouk, D., et al. (2006) DNA methylation is a primary mechanism for silencing postmigratory primordial germ cell genes in both germ cell and somatic cell lineages. Development 133: 3411-3418.(More)
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