Katie J. Ryan

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We used a protein quantitative trait analysis in monocytes from 226 individuals to evaluate cross-talk between Alzheimer loci. The NME8 locus influenced PTK2B and the CD33 risk allele led to greater TREM2 expression. There was also a decreased TREM1/TREM2 ratio with a TREM1 risk allele, decreased TREM2 expression with CD33 suppression and elevated cortical(More)
Metabolism of [3H]androstenedione was studied in brain tissue homogenates of opossum, bird, snake, sea turtle, urodele amphibian, teleost, shark, skate, hagfish, and lobster. Estrone, 17 beta-estradiol, or 17 alpha-estradiol was formed by central neural tissues of all species, with the exception of the opossum, hagfish, and lobster. Aromatase activity was(More)
Epidemiologic studies suggest that women who smoke have lower endogenous estrogen than nonsmokers. To explore the possible link between cigarette smoking and decreased endogenous estrogens, we have examined the effects of constituents of tobacco on estrogen production in human choriocarcinoma cells and term placental microsomes. In choriocarcinoma cell(More)
Recent epidemiologic studies suggest that women smokers have lower endogenous estrogen levels than nonsmokers. The effects of aqueous extracts of cigarette smoke on aromatase were evaluated in cultures of human granulosa cells. Aqueous extracts of cigarette smoke inhibited the conversion of androstenedione (delta 4A) to estradiol in a dose-dependent manner.(More)
The evidence that supports the hypothesis that insulin and LH both regulate ovarian androgen production was presented. The most dramatic clinical example of the association between hyperinsulinemia and hyperandrogenism is the HAIR-AN syndrome. Our hypothesis is that, in the HAIR-AN syndrome, the severe insulin resistance causes a compensatory(More)
The HAIR-AN syndrome that consists of hyperandrogenism (HA), insulin resistance (IR), and acanthosis nigricans (AN) is an underdiagnosed endocrinopathy, because hyperandrogenic women are not commonly screened for insulin resistance or acanthosis nigricans. The distinct pathophysiologic features of the HAIR-AN syndrome are discussed in detail. In this(More)
We analyzed interview and medical-record data of 12,205 non-diabetic, non-asthmatic women to evaluate the relation between coffee consumption and adverse outcomes of pregnancy. Low birth weight and short gestation occurred more often among offspring of women who drank four or more cups of coffee a day and more often among the offspring of smokers. After(More)
The concentrations of steroids in antral fluid, the number of granulosa cells, the status of the oocyte, and the diameter of each follicle were determined in human ovaries so that follicles at each stage of the menstrual cycle could be classified as large (greater than or equal to 8 mm diameter) or small (less than 8 mm diameter) and healthy or atretic. The(More)