Katie H. Haman

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using Vero and RD-18S cells, was unsuccessful. This result is consistent with previous EV-104 reports, wherein the virus could not be grown or isolated (1,2). To determine the presence of other respiratory viruses in this patient, the EV-104–positive specimen was tested by using realtime PCR for any of 17 other viruses (human metapneumovirus, respiratory(More)
White-nose syndrome is an emerging infectious disease that has led to a dramatic decline in cave-hibernating bat species. White-nose syndrome is caused by the newly described fungal pathogen Geomyces destructans, which infects the ear, muzzle, and wing membranes of bats. Although the exact mechanism by which the fungus causes death is not yet understood, G.(More)
What does it mean to clone an individual? A clone is created directly from the cells of one individual through several different mechanisms. The most popular of these mechanisms, which created Dolly, is Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. It is this type that is predicted to accomplish the feat of cloning a human. With the increasing amount of technology readily(More)
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