Katie Dahlquist

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Decoding of genetic information occurs upon interaction of an mRNA codon-tRNA anticodon complex with the small subunit of the ribosome. The ribosomal decoding region is associated with highly conserved sequences near the 3' end of 16 S rRNA. The decoding process is perturbed by the aminoglycoside antibiotics, which also interact with this region of rRNA.(More)
The codon-anticodon interaction on the ribosome occurs in the A site of the 30 S subunit. Aminoglycoside antibiotics, which bind to ribosomal RNA in the A site, cause misreading of the genetic code and inhibit translocation. Biochemical studies and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy were used to characterize the interaction between the aminoglycoside(More)
Initiation Factor 1 (IF1) is required for the initiation of translation in Escherichia coli. However, the precise function of IF1 remains unknown. Current evidence suggests that IF1 is an RNA-binding protein that sits in the A site of the decoding region of 16 S rRNA. IF1 binding to 30 S subunits changes the reactivity of nucleotides in the A site to(More)
The American Cancer Society (ACS) and Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups (CCCG) provide a clinical trial (CT) information/matching/eligibility service (Clinical Trials Matching Service [CTMS]). Patients' demographic and clinical data, enrollment status, and self-reported barriers to CT participation were analyzed to assess enrollment rates and(More)
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