Katie Amssoms

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BACKGROUND Humanized mice generate a lymphoid system of human origin subsequent to transplantation of human CD34+ cells and thus are highly susceptible to HIV infection. Here we examined the efficacy of antiretroviral treatment (ART) when added to food pellets, and of long-acting (LA) antiretroviral compounds, either as monotherapy or in combination. These(More)
Administration of biomacromolecular drugs in effective quantities from conventional vaginal rings is hampered by poor drug permeability in the polymers from which rings are commonly constructed. Here, we report the formulation development and testing of rod insert rings for sustained release of the candidate antiretroviral peptides T-1249 and(More)
Miscibility of the different compounds that make up a solid dispersion based formulation play a crucial role in the drug release profile and physical stability of the solid dispersion as it defines the phase behaviour of the dispersion. The standard technique to obtain information on phase behaviour of a sample is (modulated) differential scanning(More)
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