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The improving of motor fuels quality with regard to ecological standards is directed continuously toward lower sulfur content, which can be achieved by different desulfurization methods. The oxidative desulfurization process is developed as an alternative or addition to the hydrodesulfurization processes. In this paper the effects of reaction temperature,(More)
The paper investigates the impact of FCC feed hydrotreatment on the yield of catalytic cracking products. Monitored were the yields of gasoline fractions, LPG and cyclic oil, and the values of octane number and sulphur content in gasoline fractions. Research was performed at the HDS/MHC and FCC processes at INA Rafinerija nafte Rijeka. The results of the(More)
The ultrasound-assisted oxidative desulphurization (UAOD) process of diesel fuel has gained growing attention due to the strict regulation of sulphur content in the fuel. The goal of the present study was to investigate the impact of ultrasound (US) application for oxidative desulphurization (ODS) of hydrocarbon fuels and for the subsequent treatment of(More)
Desulfurization of hydrocarbon fuels has lately become one of the most important processes in petroleum refining. Increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations mean that motor fuel producers must improve their existing technology and to start considering alternative ways of removing sulfur from fuels. It is very difficult for currently(More)
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