Katia Rech

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BACKGROUND Histoplasma capsulatum has a worldwide distribution, but reports in Europe remain rare. We present the second report of histoplasmosis in a cat in Europe and, to the best of our knowledge, the first case of feline histoplasmosis infection apparently limited to the skin. CASE REPORT A 6-year-old male castrated outdoor cat was presented to the(More)
Guinea pig (gp) platelets react to nanomolar doses of the complement-derived anaphylatoxin C5a with a shape change, aggregation and release of biogenic amines and nucleotides from their granules. We have investigated the specific receptor for C5a on gp platelets which mediates these biological effects. Competitive binding studies with 125I-labeled guinea(More)
Since the capacity of nucleic acid digestion and absorption appears to be comparatively high in the pig, we investigated the properties of transport of 3H-labelled nucleosides across the porcine intestinal brush border membrane (BBM) using BBM vesicles isolated from the small intestine of slaughter pigs. In the presence of a transmembrane Na+ gradient,(More)
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