Katia Georgieva

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In the present work it is demonstrated that Salicylic acid (SA) and Methyl Jasmonate (MeJA) provided protection of photosynthesis (A) against paraquat (Pq) stress and diminished the oxidative damage caused by Pq. Barley seedlings (12 d old) were supplied with 500 µM SA, 23 µM MeJA or 10 µM Pq via the transpiration stream and kept in the dark for 24 h. They(More)
Ultrastructural characters of spermiogenesis and mature spermatozoon of Triaenorhina rectangula (Fuhrmann, 1908) are examined by transmission electron microscopy. Spermiogenesis follows the Bâ and Marchand's Type III spermiogenesis of cestodes. The process begins with the formation of a differentiation zone containing two centrioles and a cytoplasmic(More)
A review is made of recent publications concerning the mechanisms of damage and acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus due to high temperature. Under stress the organisms undergo first of all destabilisation followed by normalisation and stability, when limit of tolerance are not exceeded and the adaptive capacity is not overtaxed. The influence of(More)
This is the first ultrastructural study of the spermiogenesis and the mature spermatozoon of a cyclophyllidean cestode of the family Gryporhynchidae. The spermiogenesis of Valipora mutabilis begins with the formation of a differentiation zone delimited by arching membranes and containing two centrioles. One of the centrioles develops an axoneme that grows(More)
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