Katia Fortini

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We assessed the reproducibility of selenium levels in toenails, comparing concentrations in two sets of specimens collected about a year apart, from 80 women (40 pre-menopausal and 40 post-menopausal) in the period October 1990 to February 1992. The women were participants in a prospective study on hormones and diet in relation to prediagnostic breast(More)
We investigated through a population-based case-control study the hypothesis that disturbances in the chemistry of copper and zinc and in activity of the antioxidant enzyme copper/zinc superoxide-dismutase (SOD1) are involved in the etiopathogenesis of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We recruited 20 patients with sporadic ALS and 22 population(More)
Using an ethological approach in the context of Geriatric Psychiatry, an introductory attempt was made at the practical application to 5 cases of Alzheimer's disease, with an average evolution of 15 years. The analysis of several behavioural schemata can be of help to demonstrate the relevance of such an approach, and also to identify some of the most(More)
The use of body mediated therapies at the Clinical geriatric psychiatry became possible due to the convergence between multi, inter and transdisciplinary approaches and the clinical experience in this application of various therapeutic technics. This approach at the aged clinic must take into consideration the specificity of the correlation to the body of(More)
After having described the situation of the elderly in general and more specifically at the Geriatric Hospital which is a part of the Geriatric institutions of Geneva, the authors remind of the concept regarding the integrated medicine of Prof. J. -P. Junod, their head physician: "The contribution of psychiatry to the entire field of geriatry assumes an(More)
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