Katia Aviña-Padilla

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As part of a routine screening for the possible presence of the necrotic strains of potato virus Y affecting potatoes in Mexico, five PVY isolates were submitted to biological and molecular analysis. Considering their serological properties, two belong to the common strain (O) and three to the necrotic strain (N). All the isolates induced vein necrosis in(More)
Viroids are small, covalently closed, circular non-coding RNA pathogens of flowering plants. It is proposed that the symptoms of viroid pathogenesis result from a direct interaction between the viroid genomic RNA and unknown host plant factors. Using a comparative genomic approach we took advantage of the detailed annotation of the Arabidopsis thaliana(More)
Mexico is considered to be one of the centers of origin of grain amaranth species. Recently, plants with abnormal anatomical features were observed in experimental fields established in Central Mexico. The most noticeable symptoms, which consisted of excessive stem and bud proliferation, mosaics and unusual coloration, suggested that they might be(More)
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