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We present a new application of terrestrial laser scanning and mathematical modelling for the quantitative change detection of tree biomass, volume, and structure. We investigate the feasibility of the approach with two case studies on trees, assess the accuracy with laboratory reference measurements, and identify the main sources of error, and the ways to(More)
We present a snowmobile-based mobile mapping system and its first application to snow cover roughness and change detection measurement. The ROAMER mobile mapping system, constructed at the Finnish Geodetic Institute, consists of the positioning and navigating systems, a terrestrial laser scanner, and the carrying platform (a snowmobile sledge in this(More)
This paper reports on the radiometric calibration and the use of calibrated intensity data in applications related to snow cover monitoring with a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS). An application of the calibration method to seasonal snow cover change detection is investigated. The snow intensity from TLS data was studied in Sodankylä, Finland during the(More)
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