Kathy Taylor

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Commonly used staging procedures often cannot predict the absence of cervical metastases (CM) in squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of the oral cavity. Due to the high incidence of occult CM in numerous N0 cases in the clinic, an elective neck dissection (ND) is performed. The sentinel lymph node biopsy (SNB) is a common concept in the modern surgical therapy(More)
Public opposition to non-human primate (NHP) experiments is significant, yet those who defend them cite minimal harm to NHPs and substantial human benefit. Here we review these claims of benefit, specifically in neuroscience, and show that: a) there is a default assumption of their human relevance and benefit, rather than robust evidence; b) their human(More)
BACKGROUND E-Learning programs and their corresponding devices are increasingly employed to educate dental students during their clinical training. OBJECTIVE Recent progress made in the development of e-learning software as well as in hardware (computers, tablet PCs, smartphones) caused us to more closely investigate into the habits of dental students in(More)
  • Bill Marion, Doug Baldwin, Iyad A Ajwa, David Arnow, Reyyan Ayfer, Valerie Barr +72 others
  • 2007
Preface In late 2001, the SIGCSE Board announced a new program, known as the SIGCSE-Committee Initiative. This program is a means for SIGCSE members with like interests or common concerns to form a committee to provide a forum for ongoing, focused discussions on an issue of interest to the membership as a whole. New committees are proposed to the SIGCSE(More)
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