Kathy Phillips

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BACKGROUND We investigated the possibility of correcting the endometrial alterations induced with clomiphene citrate (CC) by vaginal hormonal supplementation (HS) with estradiol (E2) and progesterone gel. METHODS Oligo-ovulatory women were prospectively randomized into four groups receiving either 50 mg (groups 1 and 2) or 100 mg (groups 3 and 4) of CC(More)
The present report describes an outbreak of gangrenous dermatitis (GD) infection in a commercial poultry farm in Delaware involving 34-day-old broiler chickens. In addition to obvious clinical signs, some GD-affected broilers also showed severe fibrino-necrotic enteritis and large numbers of Gram-positive rods in the necrotic tissue. Histopathological(More)
1. A series of experiments was performed in conscious, unrestrained, male, Long Evans rats, chronically instrumented for the measurement of regional haemodynamics. 2. Infusion of glyceryl trinitrate (GTN, 0.1 mg kg-1 min-1, i.v.) for 10 min elicited tachycardia, but no sustained change in mean arterial blood pressure. Renal haemodynamics were unaffected,(More)
Scholarly practices differ considerably in the way they store, use and disseminate information. It may be hypothesised that they may also differ in their need for electronic journals and these journals may have different effects on scholarly practice. This brief study used secondary sources of information to compare the impact of electronic journals on(More)
John Harris: The only traits it would be morally problematic to induce are those that would be harmful to the individual or to others. It wouldn't be morally problematic if a woman had a boy rather than a girl, or a child with a particular skin or eye colour or high intelligence. No one has a reason to bemoan the birth of such a child. Nor would the child(More)
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