Kathy N Anderson

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Young children's understanding of the correspondence between a scale model and a larger space is affected by the degree of physical similarity between the 2 spaces. In 4 studies, children between 2.5 and 3.5 years of age watched as a miniature toy was hidden somewhere in a scale model of a room. They were then asked to find an analogous toy that was hidden(More)
Scale errors refer to behaviors where young children attempt to perform an action on an object that is too small to effectively accommodate the behavior. The goal of this study was to examine the frequency and characteristics of scale errors in everyday life. To do so, the researchers collected parental reports of children's (age range = 13-21 months at(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 1 This report exemplifies that hard work and dedication of many policymakers, educators, bankers and advocates, as well as the Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) staff and interns, who examined the state of financial literacy in Massachusetts. A debt of gratitude goes out to Barbara Anthony, former Undersecretary of Massachusetts Office of(More)
TWO METHODS HAVE BEEN DESCRIBED TO RECOVER OOCYTES FROM EQUINE FOLLICLES IN EXCISED OVARIES: aspiration and scraping. Aim of this work was to develop an effective method for collecting equine oocytes using Tuohy needle and comparing this technique to aspiration and scraping, with or without tunica albuginea removal. This hollow hypodermic needle, usually(More)
  • Paula Crumpton, Elaine M. Brong, +28 authors Joan Ziegltrum
  • 2010
Attached is the survey protocol for the Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) prepared in accordance with the requirements of the 2001 Record of Decision (ROD) for Amendments to the Survey and Manage, Protection Buffer, and other Mitigation Measures Standards and Guidelines. The protocol requires pre-disturbance surveys when proposed projects occur within the(More)
Six preschool classrooms, containing children between the ages of 4.0 and 40.0 months, were seeded with miniature items to examine how easily scale errors could be elicited. Observations occurred over a period of 3 months, with a total of 280 min of observations per classroom. A concealed observer documented all interactions with the miniature items. A(More)
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