Kathy M Perryman

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No influences of chronic cerebellar stimulation were found in 10 different controlled experiments in 5 different monkeys with chronic alumina-induced psychomotor seizures. The stimulation parameters used were comparable to those used in human epileptics, and continuous daily EEG and behavioral monitoring allowed all seizures to be measured for daily(More)
Eleven Macaque monkeys underwent a variety of lesions in the trigeminal afferent system; namely, tractotomy, rhizotomy, and radiofrequency destruction of various components of the bulbospinal trigeminal nuclear complex. Behavioral responses were evaluated before and after the lesions using a quantitative paradigm which measured lever-pressing in response to(More)
Unilateral trigeminal tractotomy was carried out at the level of the obex, just rostral to the subnucleus caudalis, in five young adult Macaca fascicularis monkeys. The animals had been trained previously to perform a behavioral shock avoidance task in response to electrical stimulation of dental pulp and facial skin. Tractotomy produced an elevation in the(More)
BACKGROUND Transfusion of fresh whole blood is superior to blood component therapy in correcting coagulopathies in children following cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB); however, a supply of fresh homologous whole blood is difficult to maintain. We hypothesized that transfusion of fresh autologous whole blood obtained prior to heparinization for CPB and infused(More)
Single unit responses were recorded in the pulvinar nucleus of the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) while awake and alert, with the head fixed but free to make eye movements. Peri-saccadic time histograms revealed only post-saccadic responses to eye movements made spontaneously in the dark or in a uniformly illuminated field (Ganzfeld), or to trained eye(More)
Intravenous procaine HCl given at low doses (0.5-2.5 mg/kg) to two monkeys with bilateral alumina hippocampal foci depressed interictal spiking or had little effect. At 5.0 mg/kg unilateral limbic activation occurred. At 10.0 mg/kg unilateral or bilateral limbic activation and generalized seizures could be evoked within 3-10 min. At higher doses (15 and 20(More)
Trigeminal tractotomy near the level of the obex was carried out in 10 macaque monkeys. Behavioral responses were evaluated by a quantitative paradigm measuring lever-press responses to electrical stimulation of the dental pulp or facial skin, and by assessing facial response to cutaneous pin-scratch before and after the tractotomy. Two pharmacological(More)
Radiotelemetry of slow wave activity of the amygdala was recorded under a variety of conditions. Power, and the percentage of power in the delta band, increased in response to stimulation. Recordings of monkey vocalizations and slides of ethologically relevant, natural objects produced a greater increase in power than did control stimuli. The responses to(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients with single ventricle physiology (SVP)--specifically, hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS)--frequently need long-term enteral access; however, they are at an extremely high operative risk. Nothing has been published on the physiologic impact on single ventricle function during laparoscopy in this patient population. Therefore, we(More)